Rod of Asclepius-Our Dream and Vision

The ‘correct’ symbol of medicine, which is a knarled wooden staff with a single encircling snake held in the image by Asclepius who stands frowning centre-stage. A widely used—and incorrect—alternative symbol for medicine is the Caduceus a magic wand with two snakes, held by the Roman god Mercury, also known as Hermes in Greek mythology.

If you’ve ever seen the World Health Organization or American Medical Association logo, or the “star of life” on the side of an ambulance, you might have wondered what a snake wrapped around a stick has to do with those who fix what ails us. Well, that stick is the asklepian, or rod of Asclepius. In ancient Greek mythology, Asclepius was the son of Apollo, and the god of medicine and healing. Depending on which historian you ask, he may have even been based on an actual historical doctor whose skills became so exaggerated that patients formed a cult around him.

The snake that's wrapped around the rod may symbolize rejuvenation, because snakes shed their skin, or it could simply represent the healing of snakebites. It might also have something to do with antivenom or the medicinal properties of snake venoms.

The rod itself has more to do with medicine than the fact that a doctor-god carried it, though the explanations for the connection vary. It could be a reference to a traditional treatment of a parasitic nematode called Dracunculus medinensis or Guinea worm. The worm causes blisters on whatever limb it takes up residence in, which can be can be quite painful judging from the ancient Latin name for the infection: "affliction with little dragons." To remove the parasite, doctors would cut a slit in the skin right in its path and, when it poked its head from the wound, take a small stick and slowly wrap the worm around it until the “little dragon” was fully removed.

Our Dream and Vision

The leadership at has years of experience in providing medical health services. We are passionate about our businesses and are constantly updating and improving them to provide better services. We are always trying to improve our service delivery to make it more accessible, affordable and convenient. Our Vision is to provide health services to our patient more immediately, conveniently and from the comfort of their home. is the result of this Vision. 

Who We Are was founded in 2014 by the group with years of experience in healthcare industry. The intention to form was to streamline the process of Doctors and patients meetup. makes it more convenient, affordable and secure for the patient to meet a doctor when they need without having to leave there house and wait in the doctor's office for hours. we are an on-demand healthcare service which serves to make the whole process of meeting a Doctor very easy and without any wait time. Our online tool that helps the patient connect with Doctor online fact-to face via either mobile or Computer is very safe and secure.

Our system is made to be HIPAA and PHI compliant so that our patients can rest assured that their healthcare information is always secured.

Better Care For Everyone industry-leading HIPAA and PHI-compliant, cloud-based platform helps consumers, health plans, health systems and self-insured employers obtain better, faster care that’s more convenient than visiting a doctor’s office and far more cost-effective than going to the ER or Urgent Care for routine ailments.

Why Choose Us

why we are different provide on-demand health service to our patients with virtually no wait time. The process of registration and appointment is very simple and straightforward.  Out tools are HIPA and PHI compliant so our patient can share their health information feeling confident that it will be secure. is a very affordable and convenient alternative to visiting an urgent care or doctors office for non-emergency services.

We can deal with

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Pinkeye and other eye infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Rashes
  • and more...